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About us

Advance K9 GA LLC is Licensed and Inspected by The Georgia Department of Agriculture, Licensed in the County in which we do Business, and Inspected and Approved by Paulding County Animal Control.

Advance K9 Ga LLC, is the owner of Imported AKC German Shepherd Dogs, Belgium Malinois, young adults, Puppies, and adults available for our protection, police K9, SAR, etc. Top European Bloodlines and World Class Dogs. Our program is targeted to maintain a strict adherence to the WUSV (The World Union of German Shepherds Societies) standards improving constantly along an impossible path towards perfection. 


Me and My German Shepherd Dog

Breeding professionally means to use any source of information that comes from the genotype and phenotype of the German Shepherds we use to select our Dogs (anatomy, blood lines, behavior, individual and social development, health background information, etc.). Advance K9 does not forget that a German Shepherd is primarily a working dog.


Therefore we dedicate a particular attention to the psychological and behavioral aspects of the dogs we select. As owners we do our very best to keep to the standard, and make sure all our dogs are fit and healthy.

"I purchased my next IPO puppy off of Brian! He was awesome easy to talk to, helps me with some training tips. Very focused on his dogs and fitting them with the right homes. My puppy is confident, happy to play with and train and he's very driven. I'm so in love with him I can't wait to see where we go in the sport.

Thank you Brian for helping me find an amazing puppy!"

- Courtney Patricia

"Can't thank Brian enough for doing so much to ensure all his puppies are top notch. We bought a Malinois from him a year ago and shes hands down the most trainable dog I've ever interacted with."

- Jeremy Lancaster

"Had the pleasure of meeting Brian and his dogs. Brian was very knowledgeable and friendly. My wife and I really appreciated him for taking time to meet with us! His dogs were top notch! We look forward to meeting him again!"

- Tom Schumacher

"Thank you Brian you have been so helpful and we are excited to meet our New Pup DIVA!

Once again VERY accommodating. Thank you for introducing us to some of your fellow club members. We will anxiously await the arrival of our new puppy. We couldn't ask for a better experience!

- Ann Schumacher

"Bought a beautiful Belgian Malinois from Brian at 7 weeks. She is gorgeous and the love of my life. She's very level headed and easy to train.

I brought her to the vet earlier this week, and the vet was impressed with how calm and easy she was to work with. She said she had 3 other Malinois puppies come in earlier the same day that were bouncing off the walls uncontrollable.

The kennel was very clean and in good condition. I love how there was 0% coefficient of inbreeding in her line, which in theory should give the best odds of having a long term healthy dog."

- Adam Koza

"Brian constantly breeds great working dogs that show great potential to be competitive in our sport. Brian thank-you for ACE, looking forward to a great partnership with him and look out for us on the field."

-David Parkin

"I bought a pup out of the Avanti x Checker Speedteam...
He is a very outgoing confident pup and I’m very pleased to have him as a future competitive dog plus my new stud after testing. DM test is neg/neg."

-Leslie Avey

"I couldn't be happier with the puppy I just got from Brian. This dog is everything promised and more. I can't wait to start training this guy. This is no doubt a very very special dog."



- Andy Deitz

"We love our dog! His disposition, his genetic makeup, his love, he's very intelligent and loyal! We couldn't have asked for a better dog!"​



- April Stewart Sullivan

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